Teeth: Female Empowerment at its Greatest

In case you have not heard of this fantastic film, it is a movie about a young girl who finds out her vagina has teeth. The main character, Dawn O’Keefe, is a High School student who has pledged to wait until marriage to have sex. But once a boy she likes rapes her, she discovers that her vagina is something of mythical proportions; during her rape, her vagina proceeds to bite off his you know what. After his screams of terror, and her own screams of terror, she is left wondering what the hell is happening in between her legs. VAGINA DENTATA (dentata is Latin for teeth) is what Dawn has, and she is afraid of the monster inside of her.

At first she blames herself for the rape, and is upset over her lost chastity. A scene where she drops her promise ring into the water is symbolic of her shame. But in reality it is obviously not her fault that she was raped and therefore had sex before marriage, but her lack of knowledge about sexuality leads to this conclusion.

The movie pertains to our discussion on sex education. Dawn is an abstinence girl, which includes hilarious shirts about waiting until marriage. The awkward situation between Dawn and her boy crush is hilarious. Tension is in the air when they even think about kissing and vagina shapes appear in the trees of the forest around them. Classic. But the scene in the movie where the picture in a textbook is blocked because it is a vagina pertains to our class discussion. The school board had forced the teacher to cover up the picture, while penises are okay. Dawn then proceeds to mention how women are naturally chaste and modest in her best I am saving it to marriage voice. Yuck. Kids in the room laugh. End of scene.

Teeth has to be one of my favorite films because there is a sense of empowerment in Dawn’s character. At first Dawn is ashamed of her sexuality and upset about her rape, but figures out that she should have pride with her own sexuality. When men fuck her over, she uses her power to castrate them. While many men might be cringing at the thought, the reason why Dawn ends up castrating some men is because they are taking advantage of her. And it is not like she does it on purpose. The teeth in her vagina is a defense mechanism. If she is enjoying the sex, they will not hurt the men. But if she is feeling used or coerced into sex, then bad things happen. So moral of the story: treat women with respect and do not use women as mere sexual objects. Should be common sense but apparently it isn’t.

If you have not seen this film, I highly recommend it. It is more funny than scary and the storyline is fantastic. I mean, her vagina has teeth, how much better could it get?


promo for Thin by Lauren Greenfield


19 out of 20 young women ‘would change bodies’

A new study preformed by GirlGuiding UK has found that girls as young as seven years have wishes to change their bodies. According to the study’s results, 19 out of 20 women would “change bodies”. As the ages of the girls increased, so did the percentage of girls that wanted to change something about their selves.

72% of girls aged 7-11 wanted to change their bodies, especially regarding their teeth. 95% of 16-21 year old girls wanted to change their bodies, with 33% of them wishing to be thinner, and about 25% said that they would consider getting plastic surgery.

These results are sickening. A seven year old should not be worried about her appearance. She should be immersed in a world of music, laughter, and happiness, not anxiety due to her appearance. These overwhelming statistics are unacceptable, and there should be something done to change the way that media advertises women. As these girls of all age turn on the television, open up a magazine, or even play with their Barbie dolls, they are reminded of what an ideal woman looks like. Never have I seen a Barbie doll with some meat on her bones or a larger nose. Everywhere girls look there are facades of a woman’s body. Airbrushing, plastic surgery, and digital enhancements are the norm in advertising companies. Runway models are no longer a size 0, they are a 00. This is RIDICULOUS. It is NOT healthy. Girls need to realize that in order to be healthy, you cannot be a size 00.

These advertising companies need to stand back and take a look at the harm they are causing. Being plump used to be considered sexy, look at Marilynn Monroe, a gorgeous woman who was a size 14.


In the present, a woman that size would be laughed at if she tried to dance in a music video or walk the runway. The advertising companies are tricking men into thinking that women can look like bombshells when really; the woman is average looking prior to the photo shoot. Young girls want to look like the women portrayed in their favorite TV shows and magazines, and are considering changing their own bodies to become more like society’s established ideal woman.

To conclude this blog, I would like to leave you all with a little piece of information that was found from this study: 5% of 11-16 year old girls admitted that they wanted to use Botox. PLEASE tell me that CHANGE is coming. Please stop editing women—NORMAL, HEALTHY women are BEAUTIFUL!

that is making the blog rounds. If you haven’t seen it yet:


Last year was traumatic enough for me.  Dora the Explorer grew up.  She went from this:


To this:


I know that to keep success in marketing is to keep growing with your audience—the Olsen twins did it and they made millions more than had they not targeted their core audience—but this “re-characterization” of Dora was sad to me.  It left out a whole potential of younger girls from discovering the coolness that is Dora.

So imagine my sadness when today, I discovered that, like Dora, Rainbow Brite is also growing up.  From this:


To this:


Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Start here:


I know I have mentioned in class how much I like zombies.  I think they are so much more interesting than vampires and you can do so much more with them.  I mean c’mon—they cannot be killed because they are already dead.  Given my bouts with insomnia, I tend to have a bit of an affiliation with the little corpses.  But don’t worry: I am not going to go into a whole blog post about zombies.  Because, of course, I already have.  You can read it here.

So why would I post about zombies—yet again—and especially on a blog focused on Women’s Studies?  Because of Emily Hagins.


She’s twelve.


And a filmmaker.



Yeah.  You read it right.  A twelve-year-old filmmaker.  Feature length filmmaker.  I am not talking a 2-minute video edited in iMovie.  I mean a full-length film that has drawn the attention of many, mainly because she is the first teen girl in the US to direct a feature length film.

A documentary about Emily’s journey through filmmaking has already made the rounds at the film festivals.

This is so Third Wave, it ain’t even funny.  I mean, right?!  How utterly fabulous!

We talked about the early construction of femininity with Suri Cruise today in class and then I referred to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her tomboy image.  Since I posted a shot of Suri, I have to be fair and post a shot of Shiloh, also three years old.

SEMI-EXCLUSIVE: Angelina, Shiloh, Pax & Zaraha Shopping At Toys R Us (USA AND OZ ONLY)

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