This is the course blog for WMST100: Introduction to Women’s Studies, Fall 2009.

from the HWS course catalogue: “100 Introduction to Women’s Studies. This course introduces the vast, complex, changing field of women’s studies. By engaging some key issues, questions and conversations that have been raised in and by women’s studies in specific times and places, this course is designed to stimulate analyses about students’ locations in the circuits of such conversations, and to encourage students to raise their own questions about women, gender, feminism(s), modes of women’s organizing, and production of knowledge about women. While it is impossible to cover all pertinent topics in one semester, this course introduces various specific issues and histories, that, taken together, highlight the complexity of Women’s Studies as both an academic and activist field.”

from the course syllabus: “There is a blog element for this course.  I have created a course blog that I will keep updated with entries related to issues in women’s studies.  You are required to post at least twelve response comments by the end of the semester (we will discuss in class what constitutes a solid response).  Because I plan for blog topics to move to our classroom discussions, I will be providing due dates for these response comments, scattered throughout the semester.  Please note: this is a public blog!  This means that while our course is the blog focus, I have allowed for any reader to post comments, per my approval.  By doing so, I hope to expand our community of scholars to one that includes readers from other spaces so feel free to share the link.”