I was trying to find a current image of the Duggar Family to place into this post.

But then I realized that each picture I found had me questioning if the latest Duggar child was present in the shot.  Since the purpose of this post to alert you all to the fact that the 19th Duggar was born—three months premature—just today, means that finding a current image will be a futile google search.

I doubt that the American media, and especially TLC, will advertise the image of a baby that weighs only 1lb, 6oz and is currently in stable condition in neonatal intensive care as the representation for celebrating babyhood.  I cannot imagine that the baby has that newborn glow that we are constructed to “ooh” and “awe” over (even though many newborns actually look like odd amoeba-like sausages).  Sadly, at only 25 weeks, this child is in for a possible lifetime of health issues.

There will be a lot discussed about this latest Duggar baby from many communities, from the conservative Christian Right to the far leaning Left and everyone in between.  After all, it’s less than 24 hours since baby Josie Brooklyn was born and I am already blogging about her arrival.  One of the first articles I read was on Salon.  I found it interesting because it actually is about Michelle Duggar and how her health can be affected by this latest pregnancy.  You can hit it up here:

The Duggars’ quiver grows fuller