Sex In America

Sex sells as the saying goes. American society is obsessed about sex. Through advertisements, magazines, television shows, Saga chatter, porn, it seems as if sex is here, there, and everywhere. Yet at the same time it appears as though a “line” of sexually “appropriate” material remains that cannot be crossed, who makes this line and how is it determined???? And it seems that for certain people/groups the line is more rigid. A general uproar ensued after the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction that exposed her breast. If a man in this case Justin Timberlake’s but cheek was exposed would there have been the same type of response??

A fury erupted after Adam Lambert’s sexually charged performance at the American Music Awards last month. If it had been a man and a woman dancing sexually together would people have reacted in the same way?  I don’t think they would have. I think women in our society today face strong and contradictory pressures to not only be virtuous and pure but also dress in a revealing way in order to be attractive to men. And men are told that in order to be “real men” they must have lots of sex with women. Gideon and Merrill’s posts further show how women are portrayed in a certain viewpoint but if women deviate from this norm such as Hillary Clinton she is demonized. What the hell??? Any type of overt physical contact between two people of the same sex is also both deeply frowned upon and at times repressed from the public view. GMA dropped Adam Lambert from their program but invites Chris Brown to perform. Again, what the hell???

So my question for all of you is, how should sex be discussed today in 21st Century America? Having comprehensive sex ed at a wider level in the U.S. today would be a start for sure. Should there be a line to determine sexual appropriateness in our media without stigmatizing certain sexual activities??? I am very much pro porn, what are your opinions on pornography? Can it be used in sex education? Sex is all over the place and in our face constantly but we don’t seem to be able to address it constructively let alone talk about it. And if it is talked about and acknowledged productively, the ideal remains between a married straight couple. People freak out when a woman in her 60’s Sue Johanson has her own show where sex is openly talked about.

I absolutely think it should be discussed as an activity that is healthy and fulfilling for individuals to seek pleasure and know their bodies better with a partner or partners if done in a safe and healthy way. Unfortunately too often sex is either not discussed at all or if it is discussed it’s done so in a misguided manner at the expense of our youth. How should we talk SEX?????????????????