Lesbian or Biker Chick?

When most people see women with heavily tattooed bodies they automatically put them under the stereotype of a lesbian or a biker chick. This, to me, seems like a strong stereotype to place someone under just because of some body art. It seems that women with multiple tattoos are challenged by gender prejudices. My favorite professional soccer player, Natasha Kai, is known for her 19+ tattoos.


She has two full arm sleeves, a leg tattoo, and tattoos pretty much everywhere. When people see her for the first time they always ask if she is a lesbian. Yes, she is a lesbian but I want to know why people always assume this because of her tattoos? Why do people judge her based on how she looks? However, I find it interesting that these stereotypes have not really affected her respect as an athlete. Regardless of her looks she is an amazing soccer player.


If anything I think her image has probably helped her become more successful. Many people think she is a badass with attitude and love following her soccer career. However, I think this is true for older aged fans. This leads me to wonder if some parents of younger children don’t want their children to look up to her. Will her image make her less of a role model for younger girls? She is famous for her ink, being lesbian, and her badass attitude…Will parents really want their children looking up to her? I think she is a great role model, she does what she wants not caring what people think of her, she is always herself.

So why are women who have multiple tattoos stereotyped as lesbian or biker chicks? Are women with sleeves less feminine? I have 5 tattoos and was thinking about getting another one and many people have told me not to because I will “look lesbian.” I just don’t understand these connections. First, I don’t believe in someone looking gay or lesbian and second, a tattoo is artwork that has some sort of significant meaning to you. Women with tattoos shouldn’t have to prove to anyone they are not lesbians just because of their ink, because in the end it doesn’t really matter what people think.