Glen Beck: Blubbering Proof of Another Case of the Double Standard


In one of my classes, I briefly heard about the politics of Glenn Beck and how he cries on television, and was a little horrified. My immediate thought was why he wasn’t butchered for crying on television but when Hillary Clinton did after she won the New Hampshire primaries, critics were relentless. So, I decided to research a little more.

Apparently Glenn Beck is a crybaby. I found quite a few clips where he cries on his show about a myriad of subjects, but mostly to do with his pride for his nation. Glenn Beck started out with a TV show on CNN but quickly turned to the Fox News Network. My professor described him as the populist of this time period, and in a sense I can see that. I just hope he loses just as much as Williams Jennings Bryan did, in both elections and the Scope’s trial. Beck is speaking for the Republican minority that lost in the past election and is fighting against new legislation. I don’t agree with his politics at all, but I am trying to keep an open mind here.

Which leads to my original question: why does Glenn Beck get away with crying? Why is he not attacked for showing such a feminine side of him? It all returns to the double standard! (I say this while shaking my fist up to the sky). Hillary Clinton cried on TV and some say that ruined her chances of winning the primary because she showed her feminine side. Apparently in politics you can’t be feminine. It shows that women are the weaker sex, just like De Beauvoir mentioned in The Second Sex. The “other” cannot run politics; they are controlled by their emotions.

Glenn Beck does get grief for crying but not the same way Clinton did. Clinton was attacked by members of her own political party for expressing her emotions let alone the opposing party. Mainly the people criticizing Beck are comedians and democrats, which seems to be appropriate. Stephen Colbert has repeatedly made fun of Beck along with Jon Stewart. But you expect that.

Colbert Nation: The 10.31 Project

But the Republicans are using Glenn Beck as a role model even though he is showing his feminine characteristics. I just do not understand why he is not attacked for crying, but a woman who is supposed to be emotional is just slaughtered by the media. Unless you pay attention to the news, you don’t know much about Glenn Beck and his crying, but who didn’t hear about Hillary Clinton’s episode?

I guess in politics, a woman must never show her emotion, and men can do whatever the hell they want. Pffft