I know I have mentioned in class how much I like zombies.  I think they are so much more interesting than vampires and you can do so much more with them.  I mean c’mon—they cannot be killed because they are already dead.  Given my bouts with insomnia, I tend to have a bit of an affiliation with the little corpses.  But don’t worry: I am not going to go into a whole blog post about zombies.  Because, of course, I already have.  You can read it here.

So why would I post about zombies—yet again—and especially on a blog focused on Women’s Studies?  Because of Emily Hagins.


She’s twelve.


And a filmmaker.



Yeah.  You read it right.  A twelve-year-old filmmaker.  Feature length filmmaker.  I am not talking a 2-minute video edited in iMovie.  I mean a full-length film that has drawn the attention of many, mainly because she is the first teen girl in the US to direct a feature length film.

A documentary about Emily’s journey through filmmaking has already made the rounds at the film festivals.

This is so Third Wave, it ain’t even funny.  I mean, right?!  How utterly fabulous!