The Impending Double Standard…
The Difference Between Bristol and her Ex- Boyfriend


Oh Bristol Palin. I give her kudos for being the daughter of Sarah Palin and a teen mother under the spotlight. Political views aside, I read a recent article about how her baby’s daddy has been offered to pose for…oh no… playgirl. That seems appropriate right?

Levi Johnston gets to play the stud while Bristol campaigns for abstinence (ugh, her choice I suppose). Johnston’s offer exploits the unfortunate double standard between men and women, something we lightly brushed on during class. While Bristol now has a bad reputation and has probably been called a slut among other atrocious names, Johnston gets glorified in a pornographic magazine. If Bristol was doing the same for playboy, there would be a media frenzy. But Johnston’s offer has only some media coverage and no one really cares about his reputation. It is what men do. But I suppose the joke is on him since he probably doesn’t realize that the main demographic for playgirl is of the homosexual nature. Here comes the new gay icon from Alaska Levi Johnston!

Bristol has been working hard to maintain her dignity after her pregnancy. It could not be easy to be the pregnant daughter of a Born Again Christian that was running for vice president. Since then she has preached for abstinence under the idea of becoming a born again virgin. I am not at all for abstinence and as a lesbian with negative experiences with the Assembly of God Church, Born Agains make my skin crawl. But Bristol Palin has been trying to fix her mistakes and stay composed under the media spotlight, not an easy endeavor. While her preaching ignores how much teen sex actually does happen and ignores the great side effects of contraception (like not getting pregnant in the first place) it is her belief and that is protected under the constitution. I have a new found respect for Bristol Palin, which shocked me, because she is attempting to regain self respect while her ex-boyfriend gloats about his sexual prowess.