Ah. Rocker Chicks. Really—who doesn’t like a chick with a guitar? Unless they suck.

I am a little late in the game when it comes to Taylor Swift. I know, I know. She has made this fantastic crossover from Country to Rock/Pop and how can I not already be listening to her? First of all, I never listen to the radio (I’m more of a Pandora fan) so anything Top Whatever I tend to ignore. Not that I am unaware of what is going on.

I know that Love Story is like, the coolest song of the spring/summer if you are into that kind of music. But I never really listened to her stuff. Then I saw this video:

Man, this chick can rock. I love it. I love that she rocks a piano. A piano! It starts out with a little Tori Amos action but then—there’s fog! And bright disco lights! And that got me all excited just thinking about how we might be making a return to seeing girls rock it out.

Because let me tell you: way before Taylor and Miley and The Pussycat Dolls, there was The Runaways. And they were GIRLS that ROCK:

So now I am a bit conflicted. Because I love The Runaways. But I also love this Taylor Swift video and am thinking I might give her a listen. I like that I can kind of transcend the generations of girls that rock with my listening tastes.


At the end of this year, a feature film about The Runaways is going to be released starring these two:


Yeah, that’s Kristen Stewart of Twilight as JOAN JETT, the coolest rocker chick around. And Dakota Fanning as CHERIE CURRIE who was pretty hardcore in her day (as you can tell by the above video. Yeah, that’s her singing Cherry Bomb.)

They better not muck it up. I am serious. I like seeing girls rock it out, even if it’s just Taylor Swift humping a piano bench. I just have a hell of a time seeing Bella play JOAN JETT. Stewart is way too emo. I don’t know that I like my rocker girls to go all emo. Because they need to ROCK to make it worth my while.

Any GIRLS that ROCK you want to suggest?